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We are a team of specialists for creative creation based in Barcelona, Berlin and Austria. We transform ideas and concepts into digital and analogue solutions for business and culture. Our studio offers expertise in a variety of disciplines, including exhibition design and scenography as well as conceptual creation, art direction and strategic brand escort. We are driven by a passion for modern, functional and sublime design & art with a touch of humour and like to engage people in unexpected ways. Our clients range from widely recognised companies and brands to cultural organisations, artists and prestigious architects.

When we founded our studio we decided not to create a classic agency. No receptionists, account managers, financial directors, production supervisors and other clutter. A place where talent can thrive and interesting things can happen. We think that the best design is created when designer and client work together in close collaboration to find the most interesting, effective and beautiful solution. Hence our name: Proxi = Close


We have been teaching and lecturing at conferences and different universities around Europe. Since 2005 we have been implementing different courses in Master’s degrees as well as in the graduate program at Elisava. We teach at Fachhochschule Vorarlberg and give and gave guest lectures at Universities like UPC, IED Barcelona, EBC Berlin, …  We are very passionate about this interesting and rewarding addition to our daily design practice. If you want us to speak at your university or conference, please drop us a line



We offer internships, but we are quite picky. Since we are a small studio, we want to have only one intern a time per location. Our interns are very involved in our projects, they will work a lot but as a consequence also learn a lot. We are always on the lookout for very motivated and talented people, please let us know if you think you are one of them. We always pay our interns a moderate salary.



We usually don’t take part in Design competitions. Nevertheless we managed to win some awards such as Wallpaper Book of the Year Award (got submitted by a reviewer at Wallpaper), a Laus Award (got submitted because we were in the Jury the year before) and an Austria’s Most Beautiful Books Award (We actually submitted that one to prove a point to a client, but when we won he said he didn’t care.)


How to give the perfect Foot Rub

Use circular, rubbing, and slightly pressured motions. Since you’re not pretending to know anything about massage, just go wherever it feels best to rub. If it’s your own feet, you’ll automatically know which points need most attention; if it’s someone else, have them tell you direct when you’ve found the right spots.


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To comply with legal standards a legal information (Impressum) is included for free with this site. It is long and boring and might very well send you to sleep. So preferably do not read it in public spaces while moving at high speed.


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